From the outer demons that brought you the cult of Dionysus, the Brethren of the Free Spirit, Acéphale and the CCRU comes SPLM, Society for the Propagation of Libidinal Materialism. This book gathers a gourmet selection of the secret society’s leaked X-files on libidinal materialist paraphenomena. Its pages bear witness to NEET redeemers, doomsday communists, messianic nihilists, Disney accelerationists, catacomb explorers, Faustian ravers, acne-ridden teen Nietzscheans, psychonauts k-holing through lockdown, hijacked surveillance devices spiralling out of control and archaeologists of an enigmatic cult from the future. This book is for anyone—and no-one as Nietzsche might add—who finds themselves perversely interested in studying, tasting and propagating what libidinal matter can do, be they already fanatically devoted or perhaps merely tempted.

Contributors: Anabel Robinson, Archeological Study Group A, Audrey Schmidt, Billy Bob Coulthurst, E. P. Trahar, Geoff Hondroudakis, Gregory Marks, Hector Zeroni, Jasmine Pickup, Jasper Jordan-Lang, Julia McInerney, Katherine Botten, Luara Karlson-Carp, Nicolas Hausdorf, Sally Olds, Thomas Moran, Timothy Deane-Freeman, Ursula Cornelia de Leeuw, Vincent Le.

Edited by Vincent Le and Audrey Schmidt.

Print design by Amici (Selena Repanis, Liz Luby and James Meadowcroft).

Cover type design by James Vinciguerra