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12 June 2022

Contemplating inner and outer conflicts of religion, culture and self-actualisation, rock gods, demigods, deities and shamans. Understood through minimalism, post-punk, field recordings and broken jangle folk, plus backwards melodies, spoken-word and dissociative delay to boot.

Boards of Canada — I Will Get it Tattooed
Boards of Canada — From One Source All Things Depend
Marine Girls — A Place in the Sun
Lumumba — Love is 50-50
Cocteau Twins — Pitch the Baby
Elysian Spring — Lotus
Dirty Beaches — I Dream in Neon
Nina Hagen — Cosma Shiva
Don Cherry and Terry Riley — Untitled II (Excerpt)
Exuma — The Vision
Robbie Basho — California Raga
Poly Styrene — Goodbye
Hantu — S.W.A.N Song (Still Walk Around at Night)
Public Image Ltd. — The Order of Death
Demolition Group — You Better Stay Alive
Nina Hagen — Smack Jack
Don Cherry and Terry Riley — Untitled II (Excerpt)
Fancy Rosy — Punk Police
Lifetones — Good Side
Don Cherry and Terry Riley — Untitled II (Excerpt)
Azymuth — Zé e Paraná
Fuga Ronto — Falling Star
Little Annie — I Think of You
Coqueta — Los Mirlos
The Jam — That’s Entertainment