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The State of Content in 2327


10 August 2021

1. Network Spirituality

The year is 2020, 2021 or 2327.

Pre 2020, Heidegger wrote on the necessity for reinvigorating the question of “Being” in metaphysics. He explicated “Being” as the most universal and emptiest of concepts for it defies any attempt at a unanimous definition. I am reminded of the internet since it is also universal and empty.

In 2327 the most universal concept is Network Spirituality, which like “Being” escapes coherent denotation. I am not saying that “Being” = Network Spirituality. I am saying that with the State of Content in the year 2327, Network Spirituality is in the process of becoming the metric for “Being”.

Miya Black Hearted Metal Angel Baby (aka @BPD_GOD aka @Borderline_Personality_God) translates Network Spirituality as a mindset adapted to living on the internet. The atypical personality type develops through a multitude of online voices, speaking through separate mediums from across the world.

Network Spirituality is the cultivated conscience of us all when we are posting. There is a collective sense of limitlessness when we are operating across the networks. We post with the efficiency of a pen that has burst and splattered black ink all over beige Issey Miyake pants (maybe they are Zara… the liquid will disperse just the same). We post with the efficiency of taking a Vitamin C tablet to counter hours upon hours online doxxing; by that, I mean pointless.

Network Spirituality could be the path before us, the gate between us, the light at the end, and the end, period.

My first word was “mine”. That means something that is most mine, my vagina.
(Visual representation of Network Spirituality in 2327)

My first word was not “mine”. But I have been overwhelmed by “mine” my whole life. And I assume we have all always been overwhelmed by our individual “mine” so that in actuality all our first words, like Cara’s, were “mine”. Maybe this collective “mine” is Network Spirituality or it’s just ass, cringe, thrashed etc etc.

2. The Divine Mortality of the Unread and Unwritten

The Unread and Unwritten are among us in 2020-21, but in 2327 we are all unread and unwritten. Two cue points are necessary. The first is contained in Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza’s compiled posts “Shocked Beyond Belief”. In reply to the question, “Do you hate comic sans?” Lanza writes, “I hate every facet of language, along with the entire concept of aesthetics.” The second cue is in Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He writes that “an infinity of sensations were familiar to me without processing any precise idea of the objects to which they relate—I had conceived nothing—I had felt the whole.”

Whilst Lanza’s rejection of language comes from a deep disdain for all aesthetic signifers. Rousseau’s seems to express a breakdown between signifier and signified, yet retains an ability to process some sort of transcendental(?) meaning. Facet of language / entire concept of aesthetics.

I had conceived nothing / I had felt the whole.

“Sometimes I wonder, do the trees get sad when they see leaves fell?”
— Bella Hadid, 2021.

(Visual representation of conceiving nothing but feeling the whole aka The Divine Mortality of the Unread/Unwritten aka precursor to The State of Content in 2327)

Sometimes I also wonder. Yes, I wonder if the leaves are sad they also fell. And maybe when on the internet one is always in some process of felling. She knew this before we did, because great beauty always knows the beyond.

The theory of the unread, as Jonty Tiplady denotes in “Notes on Cancel Culture”, ignited further with the contemporary phenomenon of cancellation. Cancel culture = do not listen, watch or read, do not pay attention to the person/s it’s calling upon. “Most events of cancellation involve unreading, a willed or automated refusal to read”, writes Tiplady. The phenomenon of cancel culture has proved that reading in the modern world is not about understanding. Instead, it’s about the refusal of context: unreading.

The State of Content in 2327 is produced solely out of context, by the unread, alone.

3. The Fungibility of the Cancelled aka “automated angels” aka the temporality of discourse aka doxxed online again bitch (aka who cares?)

Lately, a few friends have stated that they wish to be cancelled. Whether this is true or not is besides the point, for it sheds light on an essential axiom of the cancellation phenomenon. Pre-2020, Tiplady envisioned the fungibility of all cancellees, as a result of the monotonous repetition of calling out again, and again, and again. Inherent amnesia spawns from each cancellation. The context is murky, we forget the actual reason for the cancellation. Perhaps there was no reason? Perhaps there was no cancellation?

“But the vector I am tracking is what else cancellation might be—a Rococo faith? An automated response? An angelic sublation?” writes Tiplady. “Finally, the cancelled ones, the post-cancelled go down in history as something like automated angels.”

In 2020-21, the trajectory is as follows—subject of cancellation > unread context > cancellation > extinction > amnesia > automated angelicisim. In 2327, perhaps there are only “automated angels”. So when people wish cancellation upon themselves, they wish for a type of Angelicism that exists beyond time.

Little softer around the edges these days because holiday mode.
— Byron Bay, 2021

(Visual representation of an “automated angel” in 2327)

A Melbourne Cancellation Event that occurred earlier in the year is indicative of the temporality of all discourse in 2020-21, and is therefore also crucial to 2327. I will spare you the details as they are generic and repetitious. It happened before, it will happen again, it is always-already in the process of happening. However, the event is emblematic of: Subject of cancellation > unread context > cancellation > extinction > amnesia > automated angelicisim. To be cancelled in Melbourne means a six-day retreat to Bryon Bay (or the surrounding area) and a return to a city plagued with amnesia to continue blissfully unreading and unwriting in a state of angelic automation.

I too feel a little softer around the edges. Not because holiday mode but because “automated angel” mode.

The Temporality of Discourse, as it is addressed in Being and Time, is crucial to cancel culture as a process of amnesia. For Heidegger discourse expresses itself in language by addressing the present environment in a concernful tone. He writes that “discourse in itself is temporal, since all talking about…, of…, or to…, is grounded in the ecstatical unity of temporality”.

Discourse around cancelled subject XXX did not last, as exhibited by that Melbourne Cancellation Event. Since discourse runs adjacent to the present cultural environment, it will be forever plagued with the problematics of temporality. The monotonous cycle of cancel X, then cancel Y, then cancel Z is destined for amnesia and the automation apparatus.

Doxxed…, online…., again…., bitch aka who cares…,?

4. 5 Generational Warfare (5GW)

(Visual representations of 5 Generational Warfares in the State of Content in 2327)

I will participate, I promise. I will get a headache. I sometimes post with empathy, I know it can matter. I agree with her that it’s time. I will be standing on barb wire in the line waiting to vote because I know. I will participate, I promise. Clone Pamela told me I should do it and so maybe, like, I did.

The last instalment in the State of Content is 5 Generation/Gradient Warfare. In 2327, there will be no threat of traditional warfare, i.e. uniformed soldiers, machine guns, weapons of mass destruction, tactical operation centres, military-industrial complexes, etc etc. Instead, the threat lies solely in the manipulation of perception, the blurring of the real and unreal, and altering or complete removal of any context.

This modern warfare is detailed in The Handbook of 5GW as “moral and cultural”, where perception and context are the key weapons. “In 5GW, violence is so dispersed that the losing side may never realize it has been conquered”, writes Daniel Abbott. On this battlefield the warfighter is static and the most successful are never identified.

List of Unidentified Mortal Ass Combat 5GW Fighters

Cara and her vagina NFT.
Kaia 2020-21 book club
Kaia laying in the sun, captioned “symposium”.
Bella “as an empath” post
Kendall meditating with neon pink light, captioned “close your eyes and breathe”.
Justin and Hailey Bieber holding hands whilst visiting the California State Prison.
Hailey saying “god” wants us to have confidence.

In 2327, 5GW operates on 24/7 entropic ass vibes, through a continuous and relentless cycle of order and disorder. This entropic ass content prediction will be fulfilled through two distinct methods:
1. Opinionless or unopinion
2. Perpetual contradictions.


In Marguerite Duras’ novel The Lover, the narrator believes writing as a moral act is in the past and “nowadays it often seems writing is nothing at all”. aka The Divine Morality of the Unread and Unwritten aka the idea that language could speak of something, anything, in a meaningful way aka historical ass extinct ass writing. Duras goes one step further, “but usually I have no opinion”.

I will participate, I promise. But usually I have no opinion.

The State of Content in 2327 is exactly that, opinonless/unopinion. There will be no formulated, comprehensive opinion online. We are always-already in this process.

Perpetual contradictions:

The State of Content in 2327 lives in a perpetual realm of contradictions. Whatever one says online is contradictory in some way to their motivations previously enacted online. In 2327, all actions, whether conscious or not, will be online. The state of perpetual contradictions will be an inescapable labyrinth.

Showing appreciation to my babies
(I don’t usually take pics in the Labyrinth,
but the light was hitting her so beautifully…)
— Bella Hadid, 2020

I am copying the internet again. Although, it does not matter (and maybe it never did). If content in 20-21 foreshadows The State of Content in 2327. Then content in 2327 holds traces of language in 20-21. The state is surplus, ubiquitous, meaning everything is everything. Language is language. The unread is unread. The Labyrinth is the Labyrinth.

Heidegger questions the saying of identical things twice: “How is that supposed to get us anywhere?”

He answers, “But we do not want to get anywhere. We would like only, for once, to get to just where we are already.”

We are here already. 2020-21 is 2327. Meaning copy and repeat. Meaning show appreciation to the Labyrinth. Meaning don’tB<rude>, and also <tear me to shreds>.