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there’s no art in heaven


Audrey Schmidt
14 April 2020

Left to right: Rex Veal and Alethea Everard
Nunzio Madden, Pages of my conversion therapy diary turned into paper, 2020 and Evelyn Poggioli, Share a secret, 2020.
Evelyn Poggioli, Share a secret, 2020.
Victoria Todorov, Rigmarole Leaked But Still Second Guessing It, 2019 and Marionette Lines, 2019
Victoria Todorov, Rigmarole Leaked But Still Second Guessing It, 2019.
Michelle Uckotter
Michelle Uckotter, Case file 2, 2019.
Hana Earles, Torn t-shirts, 2019.
Liam Osborne, sublimation and dissolution, 2020.
Spencer Lai, The dull, ambivalent desire to maim, 2019.
Carmen-Sibha Keiso, CastingCouchCall1Carmen, 2020.
Ander Rennick, Cathexissy (I Am a Xen Bird Now), 2019.
Vava Dudu, Veste, 2017.
K8 Hardy, Outfitumentary (still), U.S., 2016, video, 82:00, color, sound.


there’s no art in heaven — Mejia, 7-28 February 2020

Gabriella D’Costa, Vava Dudu, Hana Earles, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Spencer Lai, Nunzio Madden, Liam Osborne, Evelyn Poggioli, Ander Rennick, Victoria Todorov, Michelle Uckotter
Outfitumentary, a film by K8 Hardy

Tshirts by: Tyson Campbell, Nunzio Madden, Augusta Vinall Richardson, Hana Earles, Kalyani Mumtaz, Kat Capel, Jasmine Pickup, Alethea Everard, Evelyn Poggioli, Rex Veal, Brendan Morris, Gabriella D’Costa, HB Peace, Amy Parker, James Vinciguerra, Edward Dean.

Organised by Audrey Schmidt

exhibition catalogue

Confessions: from religious redemption and the therapist’s couch to police interrogation rooms and the World Wide Web.

Nunzio Madden [front] — Conversion Therapy Diary
Spencer Lai — Not titled
Ainslie Templeton — 101 Pages Rip Around My Dog Ears
Kat Capel — The Vineyard is Private but the Grapes are Sour
Michelle Uckotter — Private Eye
Vincent Le — Deathbed Confessions
Campbell Rothnie — Raúl Esparza is bisexual, not gay
Carmen-Sibha Keiso — THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS pt3, even though no one seems to be talking about Usher anymore
Victoria Todorov [back] — Marionette Lines [detail]

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